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The 2023 edition of the DFCC is available in 3 formats:

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                              History of DFCC 

In line with our commitment to bolster the indigent defense community, FDSDI published the first Defending a Federal Criminal Case, in 1980. It began as a single volume produced entirely by FDSDI attorneys and staff. Over the years, the DFCC grew to three volumes with contributions from the criminal defense community throughout the nation, including many FDSDI alumni who have joined other FD offices around the country. From the start, the DFCC has served as an indispensable resource and continues to function as the essential guide for any criminal defense attorney practicing in federal court.


Contributions to our newest edition come from Federal Defenders, Assistant Federal Defenders, CJA counsel, and Capital Resource Counsel. Our writers and editors have extensive federal criminal court experience and have toiled long and hard to create a comprehensive and authoritative guide to federal practice that captures their collective experiences.


In its original format, the DFCC featured thirteen chapters. Today, the three-volume book contains thirty-seven chapters teeming with information. The 2023 edition features updates to every chapter and added critical information on emerging and changing areas of federal criminal practice.


The DFCC is the quintessential authority on federal criminal defense available today. It includes up-to-date analysis on emerging issues in federal criminal law and practical advice on navigating challenging issues at all stages of federal criminal proceedings, from the bail hearing through trial and appeal to post-conviction remedies and navigating the Bureau of Prisons. The DFCC is perfect for CJA practitioners with questions on a particular aspect of criminal law or practice as well as newer assistant federal public defenders looking for a useful reference guide as they start out. As such, the DFCC is a practitioner’s tool providing a comprehensive, yet concise, statement of the legal issues addressed and insiders’ tips on how lawyers should navigate a case (e.g., what to watch out for, pitfalls to avoid, what to follow-up on, and what the “hot button” issues are in a particular area). The DFCC is a practice guide from a clearly defense-oriented perspective.


New Chapters in the 2023 Edition include: Special Considerations in Representing Noncitizen Defendants, International and Foreign Law, Mental Health Issues in Federal Criminal Practice, Evidence, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Plea Agreements, Sentencing, the Federal Bureau of Prisons as well as individual chapters covering numerous federal offenses including Crime in Indian Country, International Border-Crossing Offenses, Fraud and Embezzlement Offenses, Firearms, National Security, Drugs, and more!


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