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FDSDI Management

Linda Acosta
Administrative Officer

Linda holds a BA in Public Administration from San Diego State University and an MA in Nonprofit Administration Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego.

Linda first joined Federal Defenders in 1989.  In her first few years with the office, she served in many different capacities: first, as a legal secretary, then as a case management coordinator, and as an administrative assistant.  In 1991, Linda became the Administrative Officer for FDSDI.  As the Administrative Officer, Linda oversees all areas of the office’s administration and assists in all aspects of Federal Defenders’ management.

As a loyal and dedicated member of the FDSDI team, Linda has served with three of the four Executive Directors.  She has assisted Federal Defenders in its journey from an office of thirty employees to its current size of over one hundred.  Linda is instrumental in coordinating and leading the office in day-to-day operations, problem solving and long-range planning: from personnel issues, to budgeting, from assisting in executing the vision of the Board of Directors, to ensuring that the various departments of Federal Defenders come together to make sure individual case-related and staffing needs are being met.

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